Monday, December 20, 2010

Jamie and the magic torch Disk 1

Jamie and the magic torch Disk 1 torrent is here:

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Johnny Sokko and his flying robot torrent

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

ZTE ZXDSL 831AII modem / router firmware upgrade

Warning: All Local PPPOE Settings changes to default value after upgrading, You have to reconfigure your broadband "username" and "password" and other pppoe settings after upgrade.

Here is the link for ZTE ZXDSL 831 AII firmware upgrade provided by BSNL :

I did not noticed any major change in functioning of modem / router, only some graphical interface and viewing changes. Some menu and configuration settings changed now & can be easily accessed. After upgrade you will find all settings and configurations by typing hence dose not required any more as earlier.

I even tried it on Nokia Siemens Networks's C2110. Firmware of Nokia Siemens C2110 now changed and it is showing ZXDSL 831AII as modem. Though firmware worked on C2110 and my modem is working fine, it is not advisable to do upgrade on nokia siemens C2110 at all.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

How To Port Forward in ZTE ZXDSL 831 AII / NOKIA SIEMENS C2110

For Port forwarding, Two steps are required

1. Configure OS to connect with modem LAN connection with a single IP address, say
2. Configure Modem/router for forward port of certain application, say Utorrent (Torrent client).

1. Configure OS to connect with modem/ROUTER LAN connection with single fix ip address ( in this case).
This is required for port forwarding, if single fix ip address is not assigned to OS / Lan Card, Router's DHCP will assign any ip address to computer from a range of IP addresses (range of -, DHCP may assign IP address, or or and every time DHCP server of ROUTER assigns different IP address, we have to change configuration settings of our ROUTER for this dynamically assigned IP address.
So we need a single Fix IP address to configure for LAN connection between System and Router
For Windows XP
A. Go to "network connection" in control pannel, right click "local area network"
B. Click "properties".

C. From list select "internet protocol (tcp/ip)",
D. Click "properties".
E. in general tab click "use the following ip address" and enter as follows
subnet mask:
F dsn server:

For Windows 7 Settings :
1. Click on Start button -> Then click on Control Panel -> Then click on "Network and Sharing Center"

2. On next window of Network and Sharing Center, Click on "Change adapter settings"

3. On next window, select "Local Area Connection", Right Click on It and click on "Properties"

Then we can find TCP/IP Protocol v4 and there we can set our static fix LAN IP address / Subnet Mask / Gateway / DNS Server

2. Configure Modem/ROUTER for port forwarding.
1. Now open web browser and type address in address bar

2. And log in using username: admin / password: admin then click "OK"

3. click "configurration" in left side,

4. Click on "Advanced Security" Settings

5. On next Screen Click on 'Port Forwarding"

6. Click on "Add"

7. On next screen in Application Name, Pre-defined: can be selected to forward standard port of a program from like GNUtella / KazAa / FTP clients / many Games etc

Just select Application Type -> Select Application -> Enter Internal Host IP Address in "Forward to Internal Host IP Address:" (IP address configured in OS to connect MODEM / ROUTER, In this CASE )

Then press "Apply"

8. If any other application's port is to be forwarded, First Select "User defined:"

9. Select "WAN Interface:" (This is PPPOE connection of our ISP BSNL connection is IpPppoe_0_35 and for MTNL Delhi connection IpPppoe_0_32 is to be selected.

10. In "Forward to Internal Host IP Address:" enter static single fix IP address of Computer we already configured. In this case it is

11. In "By Using the rule" select protocol (TCP or UDP or both protocol can be selected) then enter the ports numbers that we want to be forward, in our case the port number 34001 is forwarded for application Utorrent. We can forward a complete range of ports also (as 34001 to 34009)

Press "Apply"

And done, our Application Utorrent's port no 34001 is forwarded for both TCP and UDP protocol