Friday, October 10, 2008

Installing ZTE ZXDSL 831AII through USB Modem in Windows Vista / Windows 7

If u want to download only USB LAN Driver, you can download from here (only 57KB)


If you have usb driver for ZXDSL831AII, you can see one folder name "LAN DRIVER" in USB Driver>Drivers. Open this folder, you can see a file name "glauiad.in_" . Just rename this file as "glauiad.inf" like this


now connect power supply to modem, connect usb cable to modem and then this usb cable to spare USB connector of your computer. Windows will detect hardware and a Found new Hardware wizard will open.

For Windows Vista Installation:

1. select locate and install driver software :---

2. On next screeen, select Don't search online : ---

3. On next screen click brows my computer for driver software (advanced):---

4. Now brows the folder where you have changed extension from .in_ to .inf, and click Next:---
5. On next screen windows will install driver software for USB modem:---

6. While windows security warning popup will come, select install this driver software anyway:--

7. Installed hardware will be listed as USB IAD LAN Modem:-
If you want to Uninstall usb modem driver, go to control panel, device manager, and click on network adoptor, right clikc on USB IAD Lan Modem, and click Uninstall:---

For Windows 7 Installation:

1. Switch on modem, Connect Modem through USB port, then Go to Control Panel, Click "System and Security" Then click "System". On "System" Click Device Manager"
2. In "Device Manager" go to "Other Devices". Right Click on "Unknown Device". and click "Update Driver Software"

3. Now on Update Driver Software - Click "Browse my Computer for Driver Software"

4. Browse the downloaded and extracted driver folder.

5. Click "Next"

6. Now Click "Install This Driver Software anyway"

7. Click "Close", Router / Modem is installed and ready to use

Monday, May 26, 2008


For always on mode
1. go to "network connection" in control pannel, right click "local area network"
2. click "properties".

1. from list select "internet protocol (tcp/ip)",
2. click "properties".
3. in general tab click "use the following ip address" and enter as follows
subnet mask:
4 dsn server:

Now open web browser and type address in address bar and log in using
1. usernaem: admin / password: admin
2. click ok
3. click "configure" in left side,

and now on internet connection configuration page click "ADD" if you already do not have pppoe_0_35 setting in modem,
1. click "internet"
2. click add

IF U ALREADY HAVE pppoe_0_35 entry as shown here, do not click add, click edit (pencil)

if there is already a listing of pppoe_0_35 then click corrosponding EDIT butten or click ADD.

after clicking ADD/EDIT in "configure atm pvc" page select these
1. VPI 0
2. VCI 35

in next page configuration connection type:
1. select "ppp over ethernet" and Encapsulation Type: "llc/snap"
2. click NEXT

in configur WAN IP Address settings page select
1. click obtain an IP address automatically
2. click Enable NAT
3. click Add default Route
4. click NEXT

configure Broadband username and password page
1. select service name (anything)
2. usernaem (username provided by bsnl without, or etc
3. Password (provided by bsnl)
4. reenter password
5. select always on
6. click NEXT

in next Summary page
1. CLICK APPLY, and you are done.........

restart modem, to restart, click system, click reset and restart, click restart (without reset selection).

u will get page like this
1. click connect
on next page with user / pass
2. click connect

status can be seen after connection
1. click status
2. click internet connection


The USB modem setup files will work on Windows XP /2000,
To install Modem in Windows Vista / Windows 7 Please see this link:

I have original ZTE ZXDSL driver CD. From which i uploaded this. if anyone has problem with rapidshare, infrom me and provide preferred file hosting service.

download from here :

filefactory mirror:

megashare mirror:

rapidshare mirror:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

opendns servers settings in bridge mode

well if anyone is using bridge mode (dialup like) to connect internt at home, opendns or other custom dns can be used without going in modem configuration pages.


1. go to control panel, go to network connection then right click your broadband dialup icon.

2. In broadband connection properties go to networking tab, then click internet protocol, and click properties

3. check use the following dns servers, and then enter custom/open dns servers.

then reboot your system.

it will work with all broadband bridge connections. SEE THIS



scheduling download for Night Unlimited Time

For NU users, i think bridge mode is a good option, using bridge mode you can easily connect or disconnect from dataone, and for Unlimited plans Always on method is good, as whenever you switch on modem you get connected, (NEED NOT TO WORRY OF EXCESS DATA DOWNLOADED).

for Night unlimited can use (as a sugession) these programs and setting to download within 02:00 to 08:00 daily.

1. auto power-on & shutdown from hxxp:// (cracked) from another link :
2. cidial v 2.3 (freeware)or Version 3.1 cracked :
3. any good download manager like free download manager, internet download manager, or internet download accelerator.

first connect internet in day time, and note down the connect time, then disconnect and note down the time accurately with seconds,

in night check your data usage (for new users) at using portal id and login password and note down the difference between your login in morning to which is listed in website, same do with dissconect time between yours and bsnl's listed time. For my case the difference is 00:43 second

auto power on & shutdown: use this and configure it for different tasks
a) start your computer at 02:00 am from hibernate mode
b) at 02:02 select "RUN PROGRAM" to start download manager,
c) at 02:03am select RUN PROGRAM and choose cidial.exe, which will help you to stay connected in bridge mode
d) at 02:04am select your internet softwares like torrent client to run

e) at 07:55am select "close program" and select cidial.exe

you can select other program to close in between,

f) at 07:58am select Hibernate.

a) open cidial.exe or sinply install it. start program, click file, clikc settings.
b) choose broadband connection and enter user : password for broadband, select autoreconnect, shrink when done, etc. Press ok

cidial is used to eleminate problem to manually reconnect in case of internet disconnect night UL time.


procedure with TEAM VIEWER

download and install team viewer, open team viewer.

then click option

enter your unique password. then click proxy settings (required if you are behind a router or proxy in office.

select this if you do not know what is proxy : port to access internet

if you know the proxy details enter here like:-

after this the team viewer is able to connect its server, and it will provide an id like this

install same software in home, give access it through firewall for internet. it will again provide another ID for home PC.

now if you have an ID for office say 123 456 789

and for home the Id is say 321 654 987. and u want to connect from office. enter id for home and connect. from home if u want to connect your office enter id for office and connect, after connection establishment, enter password.

access home pc using LOGME IN


go to site
and create an personal account. Login in your account. click Add Computer.

select Logmein free sercvice and click continue.

now download logmiin installer and install it.

while asked, enter password to access computer and continue.

this is the pass, which will require while connecting this computer from remote side.

now this computer is added to be remotely controlled.

from anywhere in world if you enter in your account, this computer will be displayed in account page. like this.

Click this computer, enter password code to access pc.

in next page, select REMOTE CONTROL OPTION


if u want to access another PC, use same installer to install logmein, on that computer.