Monday, August 17, 2009

Creating Single Bootable DVD with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Hiren’s DOS Bootable CD V 9.8

1. Software – Magic ISO Maker :
or download with serials from here:
2. Software – Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (or VMWARE etc) for testing purpose.
3. DVD – Windows Vista or Windows 7 (or ISO image of installation disk )
4. CD – Windows XP (or ISO image of installation disk )
5. CD – Hiren’s DOS Bootable CD v 9.8 / 9.9 (or ISO image of installation disk )

First Install Magic ISO Maker, and run it.

1. Click to File

2. Click Open and open ISO image of Windows 7 / Vista.

3. Extract all files to any folder.

4. Click Tools. Click Save Boot Image.

5. Save boot image of DVD to any folder.

Do same with Windows XP CD ISO, extract all files to any folder, and save windows XP boot image to any folder.

Open ISO image of Hiren Dos Bootable CD 9.8 / 9.9 and

6. Extract HBCD folder.

7. Open extracted HBCD folder, where you can see boot.gz (floppy image of Hiren Dos Boot CD),

8. Extract this boot.gz.

9. Now you can see boot.img file in this folder. This is actual HBCD boot image required to run all utilities.

Note: If you have CDs / DVD, click on file, click Open CD/DVD drive, and click on your CD / DVD drive to extract boot image and files in dvd / cds

This way you will have Four boot images
a) Windows Vista boot image (mayname it winvista.bif)
b) Windows XP boot image (may named it winxp.bif
c) Hiren DOS boot image (boot.img file in "HBCD/Boot" folder extracted from boot.gz file.
d) XP live (HBCD addition) boot image XP.BIN available in extracted "HBCD" folder

10. Now Restart Magic ISO Maker. Thus you will have new image file which is still non bootable.

11. Click Tools,

12. Click on Make Multi-Boot Image.

13. Now on Multi-Boot Image Editor, click Add.
14. On Add Boot Wizard, Click Boot from bootable image file and click Next.

15. Select bootable Image From Local computer, and browse boot image of WinVista, Open boot image then click Next.

16. Add Description of boot menu and assign any "hot key" and click Finish.

Do same again and this time browse boot image of WinXP, assign a Hot key, add description, click finish.

Do same again and this time browse boot image of Hiren DOS Boot CD which was extracted from boot.gz and will be available on HBCD\Boot\ folder. Add Description, assign any Hot Key

Do same again and this time browse boot image of XP Live (XP.bin) available in extracted HBCD folder, assign Hot Key and add description.
You may add Reboot, Boot from Harddisk, Boot from Floppy etc options.

You may also download my multiboot image from here :

(Just download and open it with Multi-Boot Image Editor)

17. Click Apply – Close. Now you may see three new files and change in type of image file (which is bootable now)

18. Drag and drop HBCD folder,

19. Drag and drop all files from Windows XP Installation folder.

20. Right click on SETUP.EXE file and rename it to XPSETUP.EXE.

Drag and drop all files from Windows Vista / Windows 7 installation folder and again rename SETUP.EXE to VISTASETUP.EXE or WIN7SETUP.EXE.

21. Overwrite any file or folder.

That’s all, now save this new image file by clicking File, Save.

Now you have Windows Vista / Windows XP / Hiren’s Dos Boot CD 9.8 / Windows XP live integrated on single DVD image, Burn this image on DVD. SEEEEEEEE: