Monday, May 26, 2008


For always on mode
1. go to "network connection" in control pannel, right click "local area network"
2. click "properties".

1. from list select "internet protocol (tcp/ip)",
2. click "properties".
3. in general tab click "use the following ip address" and enter as follows
subnet mask:
4 dsn server:

Now open web browser and type address in address bar and log in using
1. usernaem: admin / password: admin
2. click ok
3. click "configure" in left side,

and now on internet connection configuration page click "ADD" if you already do not have pppoe_0_35 setting in modem,
1. click "internet"
2. click add

IF U ALREADY HAVE pppoe_0_35 entry as shown here, do not click add, click edit (pencil)

if there is already a listing of pppoe_0_35 then click corrosponding EDIT butten or click ADD.

after clicking ADD/EDIT in "configure atm pvc" page select these
1. VPI 0
2. VCI 35

in next page configuration connection type:
1. select "ppp over ethernet" and Encapsulation Type: "llc/snap"
2. click NEXT

in configur WAN IP Address settings page select
1. click obtain an IP address automatically
2. click Enable NAT
3. click Add default Route
4. click NEXT

configure Broadband username and password page
1. select service name (anything)
2. usernaem (username provided by bsnl without, or etc
3. Password (provided by bsnl)
4. reenter password
5. select always on
6. click NEXT

in next Summary page
1. CLICK APPLY, and you are done.........

restart modem, to restart, click system, click reset and restart, click restart (without reset selection).

u will get page like this
1. click connect
on next page with user / pass
2. click connect

status can be seen after connection
1. click status
2. click internet connection


sudhir said...

i did all things.. i do have ZTE ZXDL modem. Out of 4 lights, 3rd from left is not blinking. Major thing , i am getting page not displayed when i type Url as http://i92.168.1.1/home.html
Please help. I would appreciate if you send me reply to my yahoo id

keerthana said...

hello friend,
thanks from my heart. today bsnl person came and (un)did half the things for my new dataone broadband connection and gone back without completion. but after reading your article i feel confident that i can do it. it is exhaustive and fully detailed. you have taken intiative and lot of pains and post it nicely. IT MUST HAVE BEEN HELPFUL TO MANY PEOPLE LIKE ME. thnaks a lot once again.
prasad indore

vipin said...

sir thanks for this setting can u tell me that i share internet on 4-5 computer through gatway how its possible

Praveen said...

I did as you said. I am able to connect in PPOE mode. But everytime I switch off the modem and on again, the username/password gets reset to multiplay.. What could be the problem?

Anonymous said...

fantastic and worked for me... u made my day dear....

Anant said...

Nice one !!!

chauvnist said...

why did u blur the WAN IP Address

onlytest said...

because i did not want to give my location to everyone that time. It was just only a precaution.


thanx dude, i m very greatfull to you.. i called bsnl guy and he told me that my hardware is damaged.

but after reading your post i can connect to internet directly through lan and i dont have to connect through default connection.

once again thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot
I am using bsnl 500c night ul plan and i get abt 90 kBps pls help me thanks

Abhinandan said...

Thanks friend. The lesser said about the BSNL guys the better. Anyway, now I can use both ports of the modem/router at my home simultaneously.

BamaBoy said...

Thank You Dude..!!

It worked for me...!!

Thankss a lot for this Blog...!!

Abhishek said...

Thanks a lot buddy..........i followed your advice and my Bsnl ZTE modem is configured.........and it is working wonderfully..........
Great job...keep it up......

Anand said...

this was a gr8 help to me. one of my friend was on phone line and i helpd him with this help. thanks a lot.

ignasiusjl said...

Nice u r post workiing fine

Anonymous said...

hi, could u plz post info as to how to configure and connect in bridge mode for ZTE ZXDSL 831 modem..
thx raj

Fayaz Ahmad said...

if anybody need to support, for All types ADSL try to reach my number.....

+919797775477 or +919858439720 .....My Name


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Anonymous said...

Awesome dude.. I followed all the steps and it worked. you have worked really hard to put all these together it seems. Thanks again..

Anonymous said...

I am not getting bridge_0_35, even when all my modem light are on....i can't access internet!!
how to create a bridge_0_35 ??

Anonymous said...

very very useful

Anonymous said...

Updated the firmware for this ZTE ZXDSL 831 AII from the link given on your webpage, but after that it stopped working in PPoE mode.

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Anonymous said...

Hey thank you so much. I did such settings on Windows 7 and they worked. Only thing is that instead of the option "UBR without PCR", the option in that list is "UBR with PCR". But it works fine. Is there any problem with "UBR with PCR"?

Anonymous said...

May I know what this tutorial does?


Dear Friend...thanks a was really helpful and i was able to resolve the problem....thanks a lot once again

Anonymous said...

Valeu amigo me ajudou muito obrigado!!!! tudo de bom a você.

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again thanks a lot....

Keep up the good work.....

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