Sunday, May 25, 2008

scheduling download for Night Unlimited Time

For NU users, i think bridge mode is a good option, using bridge mode you can easily connect or disconnect from dataone, and for Unlimited plans Always on method is good, as whenever you switch on modem you get connected, (NEED NOT TO WORRY OF EXCESS DATA DOWNLOADED).

for Night unlimited can use (as a sugession) these programs and setting to download within 02:00 to 08:00 daily.

1. auto power-on & shutdown from hxxp:// (cracked) from another link :
2. cidial v 2.3 (freeware)or Version 3.1 cracked :
3. any good download manager like free download manager, internet download manager, or internet download accelerator.

first connect internet in day time, and note down the connect time, then disconnect and note down the time accurately with seconds,

in night check your data usage (for new users) at using portal id and login password and note down the difference between your login in morning to which is listed in website, same do with dissconect time between yours and bsnl's listed time. For my case the difference is 00:43 second

auto power on & shutdown: use this and configure it for different tasks
a) start your computer at 02:00 am from hibernate mode
b) at 02:02 select "RUN PROGRAM" to start download manager,
c) at 02:03am select RUN PROGRAM and choose cidial.exe, which will help you to stay connected in bridge mode
d) at 02:04am select your internet softwares like torrent client to run

e) at 07:55am select "close program" and select cidial.exe

you can select other program to close in between,

f) at 07:58am select Hibernate.

a) open cidial.exe or sinply install it. start program, click file, clikc settings.
b) choose broadband connection and enter user : password for broadband, select autoreconnect, shrink when done, etc. Press ok

cidial is used to eleminate problem to manually reconnect in case of internet disconnect night UL time.


Wazdesign said...

Hey , Its has VIRUS please do not download this , its in some RUS languange..

onlytest said...

Ok if it has virus, do not download from rapidshare, I also mentioned website of the software, download a trial version from there.

for other software directly go to , or any other side and download trial version of these software. search crack form,, or do crack yourself.

I personally installed and used these software since Dec 2007. I have quickheal toatal security 2009 installed and updated, and ofcourse it did not throw any warning

Sreyas said...

Virus found
In activator exe
win32 trogan-gen